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Hey, welcome to our resource section of the blog. Here are the list and a brief explanation of the tools that I use and recommend to you to get success at every level.

We personally use these Digital Marketing Tools in our day to day blogging life. We feel these are extremely important for successfully building and optimizing your business.

Website Tools

The Essential Tools

These are the must-have tools. We could not imagine where my business would have been without these amazing tools. With these tools you will be able to create an extremely fast and money-making websites.

TMD Hosting: #1 for hosting websites and Blogs

We have 6 websites and tens of our client’s websites are hosted on the best and “Cheap” hosting which is “TMD HOSTING”. You might be asking why? The answer is simple they make it extremely easy to get a new website set up with just one-click automatic WordPress installation.

We have tried and tested many hosting companies from 2014, be it Bluehost, SiteGround, Hostgator or the popular GoDaddy, but the real satisfaction with service and price came when we shifted all our sites to TMD Hosting. All ours and our client’s websites loading speed almost doubled and the traffic is increased by 100%. We have achieved this just by shifting all our sites to the TMD Hosting. We have saved a few bucks too. because TMD hosting is much cheaper than Bluehost, SiteGround, HostGator and many more hosting companies.

You can host multiple websites on their Business plan which is affordable. The prices are best and cheapest in the industry and you can host unlimited websites. you don't need to pay more for hosting when you are ready to start another website. Many renowned bloggers all over the world use TMD Hosting and recommend this company to their followers and clients.

We highly recommend you, using TMD Hosting for your first website, and you can get started now at only $2.95/month, which is nothing compared to the value you are getting from this company.

Use Coupon VIMA7OFF to get extra 7% Dicount on the final price.

When we started our digital journey, we used to pay around 160USD only for hosting. But now, the hosting prices are much cheaper, especially with TMD Hosting.


Buy TMD Hosting by clicking the button below and send that purchase receipt to claim free bonus. Send the receipt to

You are eligible to receive the following bonus from us.

  • Get Premium Theme worth $49 with lifetime updates for Free
  • Premium Plugin that makes your website 5X faster. Worth $49 for Free.
  • Free Support for 15 days. You can ask all your Questions through Messenger or mail. We will respond quickly. If needed we connect through AnyDesk.

BLUEHOST: Our #2 option for hosting websites and Blogs

Earlier we used to host all our websites on Bluehost. That is why we recommend BLUEHOST hosting as out number 2 option. Even today, we have one website that has hosted in Bluehost.

This company is already renowned one in the industry. The performance of this company hosting is on par with TMD Hosting. If TMD is not your choice, then you should consider hosting your blog or website in Bluehost. We are sure, their service will not disappoint you.    

Domain Name Registration

The First thing that you should need before buying hosting is “Domain”. The single-stop destination for buying domains is “Godaddy”.

But anyway, with TMD Hosting you will get Domain Name for one year without any extra cost. So, you are saving another 14USD here with TMD Hosting.

We know, you are starting your first website then don't register the domain name separately, rather Buy a below mentioned hosting like TMD (recommended) or Bluehost, so that you will get Domain Name for Free.

WordPress Themes and Plugins

WordPress Themes

We have been using Thrive Themes from almost 5 years. You will definitely surprised by the quality delivered by thrive themes.

Investing in thrive membership is one of the best decision we have taken in our online money making the journey. They provide me with themes, lead generation plugins like popups, and Landing page creation. We will highly recommend you to become a member and get the benefits of all these fantastic plugins at a minimal membership fee. Believe us this is gonna help you a long way in your online digital journey.

Theme forest is one stop destination for all the bloggers to find best themes. You can buy premium themes here. We have been using Theme Forest from last 4 years. We have purchased single premium theme and in bulk also. 

Anyway, at Digital Das we are providing you one Premium theme woth 49 USD completely for free with life time updates.

WordPress Plugins

WP Rocket: Best Cache Plugin

Wp Rocket is the one plugin that you should need for your website. With the simple installation of this app, your website will be loaded 5X faster than a normal website. You can buy this plugin here. Any way with DigitalDas, you are going to get this plugin for free.

Yoast SEO: Best SEO Plugin

This is a free plugin that you should have for your WordPress blog. This plugin help you optimize your WordPress website. Yoast SEO is a powerful plugin that can help you to make your website as search engine friendly.

Thrive Leads: Best Email Capture plugin

Thrive Leads is a lead generation plugin for WordPress. Building an email list is most important asset for any blog or online business to build a long relationship with your customers. With Thrive Leads plugin you can turn your website visitors into leads or subscribers.

Thrive leads one of the best and cheap Email Capture plugin in market which cost only $67/site no annual fees, just onetime payment.

Are you looking to earn money from Affiliate marketing from your website, ThirstyAffiliates is a wordpress affiliate link management plugin which allows you to optimize your affiliate link and helps you increase your sales.

By using ThirstyAffiliates website owners can add, mange and easily insert affiliate links in their post and pages.

ThirstyAffiliates plugin helps you to create new shortlink with your own website URL instead of long ugly affiliate links.

SEO Tools that helped us and our client’s websites to drive more than 8,00,000+ visitors per Month

Ahref : Best SEO Tool

This is the best SEO tool we came across on the internet right now. I cannot describe how much this tool has helped us get far in our growth. Most comprehensive data for keywords, backlinks, Competitor analysis, keyword explorer, content explorer and what not you will find everything that you should need for your blog.

If you are looking for one tool to handle all your SEO needs, we suggest you this tool. Without a second thought, you can take the 7-day paid trail on this product before making the decision to purchase.

This is also a similar tool like Ahref, where you will find everything right from keyword explorer, backlink checkers, competition analysis, and what not.

Other SEO Tools We Use

Google Analytics : This is a free tool that you must have.

Google Webmaster Tool: This is a free tool that you must have.

Social Media Management Tools

You believe it or not, In this digital era Graphics are really important. Even if you have amazing content but crappy graphics, then your impression does not come too good.

Don’t Worry, you don’t really need to hire any graphic designer. You can become a designer for your Blog. Using Canva which is a free tool, you can make amazing designs for your blog.

Even today, we use Canva regularly to create designs. It simple too.

This tool is the choice for millions of newbie online bloggers and basic online website owners. This one application can bring all your social media interfaces at one place. Try this for 14 Days for Free before going to purchase it. It will save you a hell lot of time.

Email Marketing Tools

Generally, as a blogger or website owner, you should need continuous visitors to you. One simple way we use to keep our audience engagement is Email Campaigns. The day when I publish a new post, the visitor can get notified by email. By using these following email marketing tool, we get up to 1,00,000 visitors per month.

We have tested many email marketing tools available, and almost all of them are very good. So in this, I am not going to mention any favorite. All these three tools are used by us.

This tool is free for 500 contacts. Once you crossed 2000 contacts you can upgrade to premium subscription.

This tool is free for 2000 contacts. Once you crossed 2000 contacts you can upgrade to a premium subscription. For Beginner, we suggest Mail Champ. For more advanced features like segmenting and targeting check out the tools like Aweber and Drip.

If you are looking for more advanced features like behavior-based emails and advanced email workflows, then you must try drip. You can use either Aweber or Drip or Mail Champ, we have used these three tools, and all three of them have given me good results.


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