How to Choose a Domain Name (12 Tips & Suggestions)

How To Choose a Domain Name

Hey Everyone!! Another article from Digital Das, showing exactly how to choose Domain name for your Blog or Website. Probably for your first Blog.

In this article, we are going to show how exactly you should follow the steps in selecting the Domain name for your website. We are also explaining with an example.

The most important thing you should have before starting a website is “Domain Name”. Choosing the good domain name for your website is very important. A domain name describes your website and business. It needs lots of thought to choose a perfect domain name for your website.

Just before going into tips for selecting a Domain name, we will see some basics that you should know.

What is the domain?

Not making things complicate simply, the Domain is a Name of your website, where users can access your website. For example  “”, “”.

"" """ all these are the domain name for the company Google. And similarly, “” is the domain name for the company, Twitter.

In above example, you should have observed .com,, .au, .de etc. Those are Domain extensions.

There will be many domain extensions for your domain like .com, .net, .org, .co, etc, but among these, the popular one is “.com”.

Generally, we suggest you go for the .com extension. The benefit of choosing .com is that you can target a global audience.

In the case of, we are targeting Global audience. So we have chosen the .com extension. If you are targeting only Indian Visitors, then you should go for “.in” likewise for USA use “.us” etc.

Google Does not give any priority for keywords in your domain name extensions. For example, if you are running a Pizza Business “.Pizza” does not work. So make sure you don’t go for other extensions. Strict to .com or any region-specific.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

Following are the few checklists that you should need to check before finalizing the Domain name for your Blog.

Choose a Domain Name

1. Use an appropriate domain name extension (TLD)

Use Appropriate Domain Name Extension,  As i said earlier There are plenty of new domain name extensions available today, like .com, .net, .org, .pizza, .photography, and .blog. Choose correct domain name based on your requirement. According to Registrar stats, 75% of websites are using .com domain extension. It's the most preferred and easiest TLD to remember.

Example: if your business is Pizza selling and you have a business in Australia, then would be the perfect name for your Website.

Before choosing TLD (top-level-domain) Flow below steps:

  • Google doesn’t give any priority to keywords in your TLD ( don't use TLD like .pizza, .photography)
  • If you have a regional target, a country level TLD will help you rank well on that country’s search engine.
  • A “.com” or a country TLD is more trustworthy than keyword TLDs like .pizza, .photography

2. Use keywords

Try to keep relevant Keyword of your Interest or business in the Domain Name.

Example: If you would like to sell watches in your website then would be the best domain name for your website.

3. Target your area

If you are not going to expand your business, then you can include your state name or area name in your domain name to make it simple for local customers to find it easy.

Example: If you are running cab services in New Jersy, then would be appropriate name for your website.

4. Keep it unique and brandable

Before buying Domain name Check if anyone else is using the same domain with a different TLD. I Always recommend you to buy unique and memorable domain name. 

If you are planning to create a brand with your website, then it would have the following qualities.

  • Unique
  • Clear
  • Short
  • Meaningful
  • Catchy
  • Inspiring

Tip : Branded domain names are unique, catchy, and memorable. For example, “” is a much more brandable name than “”

5. Short and Sweet

Try to keep your Domain Name simple, Short and sweet. Even a 5th-grade student should understand that. Short domains are easy to remember and type in Browser.

Tip: We recommend you to keep your Domain Name up to 15 Characters.

6. Make it easy to pronounce and Type

Always choose a domain name that is easy to pronounce and type as well.

7. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Never buy a domain name with hyphens and numbers like or

For example If you choose a domain name that contains hyphen or number " or" because of the actual domain ( already taken, then users will see your competitors website if they forget to add (-) hyphen or (123) numbers in your domain name.

8. Avoid Double Letters

It’s a good idea to avoid domains with doubled letters, because user will misspell the name of your domain, and this may increases your chances of losing traffic. Avoiding doubled letters will also make your domain easy to type and more brandable.

9. Check social media Profiles Available or not?

Check the social media profiles are Available or not with your Domain Name. Social media plays a very important role in Digital Lifestyle.

use namevine or knowem tool to check for your chosen name are available on top social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

10. Check Trademarks

Make sure there is no trademark available with your domain name. If the trademark is available, then go for another domain name.

11. Use domain generators for ideas

There are more than 600 Million domain names are registered already, many people saying that all good domains are already taken. Searching for domain name manually can be very time consuming. This is where domain name generators come into play.

these free tools helps you to Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds. There are so may domain name generators available online, we recommend you to use leandomainsearch, nameboy or isitwp tools.

Search for a Best domain name by using our domain checker below

12. Free Domain Registration with Web Hosting

web hosting companies offer domain registration as a service. Some of those companies offer free domain registration with new hosting accounts. If you’re starting a new website its good idea to get free domain, which helps you save 14usd.

Some of the best hosting companies offer free domain registration are tmdhosting, bluehost and ipage.

Bonus Tip

If you just want to register a domain name without purchasing hosting, and are the best domain registrars on the market. They offer all top-level domain names.

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world. They manage over 78 million domain names for over 19 million customers.

Final Words

Your domain name can have a major impact on the success of your web site. So, make sure you mark all the checklist above while selecting the Domain Name for your Website or Blog.


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