TMD Hosting Review: Why I host all my Websites on TMD Hosting


We have used almost all popular hosting’s available out there in our 8+ years of Digital Marketing life.  

Be it Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, DigitalOcean, IpageSiteground and many more.

In our Initial stages of Digital Marketing, we have used Godaddy, which is many people think its so cheap but in fact It is not.  We have spent around 12,000 INR (Approximately 200 USD) during our Initial Year.

Later we used Bluehost, Hostgator. We are pretty much satisfied with their service. But the pricing was little high in the market.

After these two hosting, we have used Digialocean, thinking that it is the best in the Hostings as it is a VPS (Virtual Private Server), so you get the whole server for yourself that means a faster site. But, we were wrong.

Later in 2017, we were getting a great reviews about “TMD Hosting”, then we gave it a try with our client website. And Today, all my websites, Blogs and all my client’s websites are in “TMD Hosting”.

You know why.. Because its more than Amazing.

But, Before Buying a Hosting, you need a Domain. In case you are confused with How to Select a Domain Name, we have dedicated article about that titled How to Choose a Domain Name (12 Tips & Suggestion)

Search for a perfect domain name by using our Domain Checker below.

Shifting all our websites to TMD Hosting is one of the best decisions that our team have taken in  our Digital Marketing Life.

Our Websites were performing better by increasing in loading speed and we got more organic traffic and hence we got more money. All these happened just by changing our Hosting.

We all know that Google loves fast loading websites. TMD Hosting only helped us to load our websites faster.

The price of a shared TMD hosting is Cheaper than godaddy, Siteground, Hostgator or bluehost. But you get Amazing fast site, awesome support, free migration and so much more at the cheaper price.

And mainly, if you are not satisfied with the hosting performance You get 60 Days Money back Guarantee.

We make our living from websites and Many of our client’s websites are important for them. So, if we have all our websites in TMD Hosting, then there must me a reason right. If we have trusted TMD Hosting, you could easily trust.

Here are all the reasons why we recommend TMD Hosting for all our clients, students and followers.

Why We Recommend TMD Hosting: Top 3 Reasons

We have chosen TMD Hosting and bonded to it from last two years mainly because of these three reasons.

  • Mind blowing Performance.
  • Amazing Support.
  • Absolutely for its Cheap Price.

Reason 1: Mind Blowing Performance

Before trying out TMD Hosting, we have done lot of research about it. Not only this, before choosing any thing for our business, we do lot of research. In our research, we finally have found that, TMD hosting is the one where you get better performance with great support for cheaper price. What else we need in Hosting.

But Before migrating all our websites into it, we have tried our website for more than 4 months. We were pretty much happy with everything this Hosting provides.

Check out the Ratings Provided by Different Forums for TMD Hosting.

TMD Hosting Ratings

Pro Tip: We are providing WP Rocket Plugin worth $49, if you buy TMD hosting through Us. It will Double the speed of your Website Loading Time.

Reason 2: Amazing Support

TMD Hosting offers customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

You can reach the team via telephone, e-mail, or live chat. One way the customer service team goes above and beyond is through the 5-minute response time guarantee. We have personally experienced this.

Reason 3: Absolutely for its Cheap Price

Price is one thing that everyone will think about. So like everyone, we had to think about Price while choosing hosting. We need the best with in a best Price. In our 8 years of Digital Marketing presence, we have found TMD Hosting much later.

So, we have compared TMD Hosting price with all the major hosting providers and finally we recommended this company to all our clients, Students and Followers. We want to save your few Dollars on your hosting.

You can start hosting your website as low as $2.9/month.

Check out these pricings and You decide.

60 days money back

Pro Tip:  Use Our Coupon Code “VIMA7OFF” to get extra 7% discount on your Final Billing. Happy Right.

We have few other reasons why we have migrated all our sites to TMD Hosting.

Reason 4: Free Domain For One year

Generally buying a domain will cost you around $15 in name cheap or Godaddy. But TMD Hosting is saving you that 15 USD.

Yes, TMD hosting will provide you a domain for One year with No Extra Cost. That Means It’s Completely Free.

Reason 5: Unlimited E-mail Accounts

Imagine giving your official Email to anyone to contact you. That Feeling is Different.  TMD Hosting is giving you Unlimited Emails for Hosting. Now you can have Contact@yourcompany.con, and many more. There is no limit. 

Generally, Google’s G-Suit and Outlook charge around 5 USD for each official Email with your company name.  So, TMD Hosting is saving you whole lot of money for making you a professional.

Unlimited Emails

Reason 6: Data Centers

It’s a known fact the closer your website hosting is to your main traffic source (for an example if your majority of traffic is coming from USA, it is preferred to have a data center close to US as it will helps in increasing your website speed) the faster is your loading speed.

TMD Hosting has 7 different data centers that you can choose from.

TMD Data centers
Data centers
All TMD Data centers

Reason 7: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

TMD Hosting gives you a 60-day money back Guarantee for their services. At any point during these 60 days, if you are not satisfied with anything like your website performance, their customer support etc, you will get full refund to your account. Believe us you will not make this decision. We assure you will be pretty much happy with their service.

No other company in the hosting Industry providing 60-day money back policy. Reputed Companies like Hostgator, Bluehost etc will give max 30 days.

Reason 8: Reviews and Ratings


TMD Hosting Review
TMD Hosting Reviews
TMD Review
TMD Hosting Review
TMD Reviews


TMD Hosting Ratings

Reason 9: Their Love for Open Source

TMD Hosting love open source. Applications like WordPress, Drupal, Social Engine, Open Cart and other applications are available in TMD Hosting for Free.

TMD Open source

It has around 1300+ applications available which will ready to install with single click.

Appliation Installations

Some Quick Facts about TMD Hosting

  • Get started for just $2.95 per month.
  • You get a free domain name forever.
  • The company offers free spam protection by SpamExperts.
  • The servers all run on SSD technology.
  • You get free daily backups and free restoration.
  • New websites are always installed for free by a specialist.
  • Support is available 24/7/365.

Let’s See some Demerits of TMD Hosting


  • This company does not have as many reviews as some other web hosts out there.
  • There are a lot more bells and whistles offered by other web hosts, especially for specialized services like WordPress hosting.

Finally, as we are using TMD hosting from past few years, the over all rating for this Hosting Company is

TMD hosting review

So, this is from Our End.

I can write another 10 reasons why you should select TMD Hosting over others. But Finally, its your choice.

If you want to Sign up for TMD Hosting for your ultra-speed website at very cheap cost, Click the link Below. 

If you have any Questions, feel free to mail us at we assure, You will get fast reply from us.


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